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Republic and Anonymous

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 23, 2016, 10:04 PM

Updates on my fanfiction projects and my original story. Since I graduated high school rather recently, I can finally get back to work on my personal projects. I've decided that it would be best to spend most of my time working on Anonymous (my original story) at the moment since I have a crap ton of character redesigns that I need to post up. I'll be taking a bit of a break working on the fanfictions in Republic to focus on Anonymous a bit more. Basically, every single one the characters I've posted here (and even more that I haven't) are going through some drastic character development and redesigns at the moment. For example, the McThunders no longer are

A. siblings or related in any fashion what so ever with the exception of Aleema and Collette

B. Friendships and relationships aren't as smooth between the group

3. They no longer go by the name of the McThunders since they're not related in any fashion and that Anonymous takes a much more serious turn in overall tone. However, they are in a group at the moment  for a reason that will be disclosed when I talk about Anonymous in more detail. One of the members suggested they go by "Team Anonymous" or "Anonymous", but no official name has been given to the group.

4. Personality
5. Ethnicity

6. Backstory

7. Sexuality

8. Placement on the alignment chart (ex. Chaotic evil, true neutral, lawful good, etc.)

9. Name (only one member of team Anonymous actually kept their original first name. All last names were changed.)

10. Species

11. Morals

Changes on characters and more groups will be more in depth when I talk about Anonymous more in depth.

I'll post the very basic synopsis and some of the key characters, organizations, and lore very soon. Also, it may not seem really apparent but RED, BLUE, and the Vanlans will also be having major character redesigns along with my actual original OCs in my gallery. They will be playing a major part in the lore of Anonymous. Project GOD and Magnum Opus are going to be two other groups that are going to be added that will be brand new to you guys (but will have some old redesigned characters and characters you haven't seen before).

There's a lot more to come! Keep you eyes out for the main update on Anonymous!

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