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The children of Ricochet in Reverse

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 29, 2015, 4:29 PM

I have so many freaking fan children for the “Ricochet in Reverse” section of “Republic” it’s kind of ridiculous. I also have a lot of twins.

First there’s Dylan Bennet Garner (the little turd likes to go by his full name) and Gray Garner. They’re fraternal twins and they exist because of Luke Garner and Jen Talbot being stupid freaking seventeen year olds and being like OH HEY HYE YOU KNOW TEENAGE SEX. Especially right before an important political mission they had planned out with the rest of the gang. And this probably makes no sense in canon because Jen is DEAD but Morning Glory sticks its gosh darn middle finger up at canon and makes its own convincing canon so unless you want to hear the whole plot of Morning Glory you should just accept it. Dylan and Gray are polar opposites of each other in most things. Dylan is the more energetic and outgoing child while Gray is the more reclusive one. I also headcanon they can’t have any more kids after that because of infertility on Jen’s part because I’m an asshole.

While these kiddos aren’t mine (they were made by a friend) Nina and Trey have THREE twerps (BECAUSE TREY’S NAME MEANS THREE IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES I’m so subtle guys) a bit later than Luke and Jen because idk my friend just decided on that. Their names are Melody, Isaac, and Mitch Torrance respectively. But this doesn’t even matter since Dylan and Gray don’t appear until the very end of the story and the Torrance kids only appear for a few moments in the epilogue. No personality has been developed for them yet besides Isaac and Melody having theoretical crushes on the twins.

Now Cole Sears has his own kid who has no mum because the mum left and was a total pile of crap. His name is Beck Sears and he’s an albino twerp who clings to his dad as he struggles to find a true home and keep things under control. He’s very quiet and I’m still wondering if I should make him mute or not since he doesn’t have any spoken lines in Lies for the Liars as of now and he’s like in ¾ths of the story.

Luigi and Daisy have a twerp and her name is Monica Mario. She’s spunky in personality but very soft spoken in opinions. She has low tolerance for her s***head cousins and is usually the one forced to babysit them even on a journey across the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario and Peach have twins (WOW SO COOL) named Ian and Vincent “Vinny” Mario and they’re once again fraternal but not as fraternal as Odd and Sam or Luke and Jen’s kids. They’re basically the biggest brats in the gosh darn Mushroom Kingdom and even the Koopalings won’t deal with their s***. They probably cause more chaos then the actual villans of the story.

Aldrick and Mabel Belpois are the kids of Jérémie Belpois and Aelita Schaffer. Mabel is the stereotypically sickeningly sweet little sister and Aldrick is a genius who means well but is socially and emotionally inept. I headcanon him either as someone with high functioning autisim or aspergeres. His inability to deal with emotional situations is shown as he tries to comfort Adéle, Cain, and Yoshimi with the loss of their parents and siblings and how he deals with the death of his own parents and sister.

William Dunbar and Sissi Demlas have Cain and Broden Dunbar. Broden is a nice enough boy who wants to succeed in his passion of writing. Nobody really ever has anything bad to say about him. Cain, ON THE OTHER HAND, is a grumpy, emotional, selfish, lying pile of crap. Most of the time, he has no concern over the wellbeing of others and wonders why he’s treated like crap himself. He does have a caring side though, which blossoms over Death and All Her Friends. He also has a notable crush on Adéle.

Odd Della Robbia and Samantha Knight have the most kids out of anybody in the Ricochet in Reverse universe and the Republic universe in general. They have three kids. Adéle, Dante, and Elena. Adéle and Dante are the last pair of twins in the Republic universe as of now, and they’re the most alike. They’re usually chilled out and have the best control over their emotions. They’re the ones the rest of the next gen Lyoko kids go to when they need to just talk about their problems. They’re also the only ones besides Broden who can sucessfully talk to Cain and see his nicer side. Elena is very much like her father. In most regards, but shares some common ground with her mother. All three of the kids are passionate in the arts.

Yoshimi Ishiyama-Stern is the only child of Ulrich and Yumi. She stubbon as a mule with her opinions and tends to hide up her emotions as best as she can. She also sulks quite a bit, leaving people confused on her state of mind. Her self esteem is rather low mostly because of her home enviorment. The calamity between Ulrich and Yumi skyrocketed even more when they brought Yoshimi into the world and she understandably blames herself for the eventual divorce between her parents because once again I’m an asshole. Her mother and father divorce a few days before Melochonus and Xana start terrorising everybody.

Wowie wow wow! That took quite a while to type on my iPod. But those are the Ricochet in Reverse kids! I love them all and I can’t wait to show you guys how much of a living hell I make all of their lives.

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