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Major character updates

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 10, 2016, 4:43 PM

So, about a month or two ago, I went into detail about how how I was working on my original project, Anonymous, and how the McThunders (now known as Team Anonymous) had a major overhaul with their designs, names, and characteristics. They're not the only ones to get major design changes though. Anybody who knew me in 2010 through 2012 knew that I posted about my Koopa OCs, RED, BLUE, and the Vanlans. All of them have had name changes and design changes. Here they are.

RED --> Ramona

BLUE --> Sigmund

Now for the Vanlan's themselves (which will most likely have a new group name soon)

Thorth --> Thoth (basically just correcting the spelling)

Wacko --> Elin

Draco --> Cadmus

Tigiris --> Tigris (once again, incorrect spelling)

Eupraties --> Euphrates (wow I was REALLY bad with spelling the names of my own characters)

Sobek's name remains unchanged

Hermie --> Orenda

Tock --> Horace

Magma --> Vulcânica

Buggy --> Hotaru

Zappy --> Venton

Shady --> Lygia

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! I'm going to release the names of the main villains in the Magnum Opus cult. There are a few tiers and they go as follow (Highest to lowest)

MO (the "God" of the cult)

X2 (real world equivalent to prophets or archangels)

O4 (Equivilent to saints, very large cult and religious figureheads)

Y__ (Real world equivalent to popes)

Barons (more devoted worshippers, equivalent to monks in the real world, Barons and above have access to "power" scriptures. Basically, anybody who reads them will be able to get magic from them and their children will be affected too. Each generation it weakens though, unless the child reads the scripture themselves. Higher up levels get more powerful scriptures and you will be classified as an infidel and most likely punished severely if you try to steal or leak scripts you cannot access.)

Worshippers (casual worshippers)

Neutrals (like the name says, not seen as either good or bad in the eyes of the cult)

Sinners (those who refuse to follow the script of Magnum Opus, those who break the laws set by Y__ and above)

Infidels (The lowest tier mortals can be on. equivalent to Cain, Eve, or any other major sinners. If you attempt to leak the scripts of the cult, personally defy a Y__ or above, or try to find information about O4 and above you will be classified as this. You will either be killed or punished for eternity if caught. You are also mentioned in the scriptures as an infidel and how you became one)

While this is its own separate category, Titan Class is a class that refers to the 13 Titans that used to work together with MO before their leader, Thoth, deemed what they were doing was too immoral and had to be stopped immediately. In fear of the Titans, the highest ranks of Magnum Opus decided to trick them into a truce, before locking them away into a permenant prison. Many centuries later, Ramona and Sigmund, two teenage lovebirds in a remote village, were watching a sermon that a past Y__ member was giving to convert those who weren't already following. They notice that the sermon had actually left some of his classified scriptures . Sigmund and Ramona decided to share these with the village, giving them unbelievable powers that low class worshippers shouldn't have. When Y__ and above found out, they immediately set out to get the scriptures back and punish the village and the teens. However, when the sermon returned to the village and tried to apprehend the teens, Ramona and Sigmund ended up killing the sermon in self defense. This was a devastating and rage enduring loss for the cult, so they sent out an O4 member ( Iblis, specifically) to kill every last member of the village so "sinners" wouldn't try to rebel again. Ramona and Sigmund were then sent to confront X2 officials, where they were damned to be the guardians of the Titans for all eternity. This is considered one of the most noteworthy betrayals in the Magnum Opus scriptures and is called "The book of Betrayal".

Now, here are the names of the X2, O4, and some of the Y__ members

X2: Hazarmaveth and Aishah

O4: Iblis, ????? (Name changes depending on who's interacting with them, has no known true form), Jörmungandr , Demokritos

Y__: Jeremiah Arksaw, Rihonite, Dogadon Hayerhalth, and many more but I don't want to spoil anything else.

Thanks for reading!

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